Preorder your own custom 7" Vinyl from Chloe with the link below. Please read all recording details to answer any questions you may have.

Recording Details and FAQs

What is a 7" Vinyl? 

   Also referred to as 45s, these are smaller than LPs. For this project, these vinyl printings will consist of one song only. 

How do I pick which song comes on my custom 7"?

   Once you click the link below to the Leesta Vall website, you will see an option to select which song you'd like to purchase. Chose one from the drop down.

How is it custom?

   Leesta Vall offers a very unique way of recording. Once you have preordered the song of your choice, they will make a list of who has placed orders and which song they've chosen. On January 17th 2023 Chloe will go into the studio and individually record each song ordered directly onto the vinyl. No stops, no editing, no duplicates. Every pressing will be different and personalized for the one who ordered it.

Who is/are Leesta Vall?

   Located in Brooklyn, this Niche record label cuts limited edition, handmade lathe cut records and is home to the iconic Direct-To-Vinyl Sessions. But we encourage you to take a look for yourself with the link below and explore their page!