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Born in Cincinnati and raised in southern Indiana and on Long Island, Chloe Halpin has been writing her own catalogue for over a decade. Her adolescence was filled with music in schools, at churches, and at home with her family; writing over 600 songs by the time she was 18. She was accepted into the prestigious Belmont University Songwriting Program, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in just 3 short years. Her time in Nashville was illuminating to finding her sound, her feel, and overall look. Her style of modern alternative country offers catchy melodies and strong vocals with witty, personable lyricism. Since her graduation in 2019, her time in Tennessee was filled with writers rounds and co-writes. After winning the 2021 Sag Harbor YMI Vocalist of the year, and playing in the Sag Harbor 2021 Music Festival, she’s taken the summer and fall of 2022 to come home to Long Island; successfully booking and playing more than 60+ shows at local restaurants, breweries, wineries and festivals, including the historic  The Bitter End in NYC.

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Monthly Listeners 799

Song                                      Streams

Flatline                                    35,722

Back Woods King                   34,571

One Step Ahead                     26,897

Outside                                   24,340

Crush Me!                               23,324

Rose Colored Glasses            20,612


Booking Shows & Performances

For all booking inquiries, please call 631-834-6654